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The Blood Cross - BW character by CursedOnez
The Blood Cross - BW character
And my scanner is working!

My next project, this is designed to be my novel's poster.

Stay tuned as I plan to colour this pretty soon.

PS: you have my permission to colour it.


November the 3rd, 1980



Stuck at the end of the world surrounded by 15 meters of snow, and trying to survive a blizzard that probably will last for at least 3 days, the whole expedition team tries to make themselves occupied, some with board games, and others making themselves more useful, analysing the latest records of their expedition.

It isn’t easy to spend months in a bunker in the middle of the deadliest continent on Earth, the South Pole. But once they got the chance to make one of the most amazing discoveries in the human history, eighteen of the brightest young scientists, from various fields gathered by the United States government, were sent ASAP in secrecy to one of the American posts in this continent, surrounded by nothingness, only kilometres of death and sorrow.

Trying to maintain his mind occupied Lucas Appleton a twenty eight year old archaeologist tries to defeat his comrade Gavin Roberts for the second time in a chess play, but it proves that his friend is unbeatable, making him loose ten dollars because of their bet.

In his entire life, Lucas only dreamed to be part of such an amazing investigation, but his life changed when ten months earlier a group of black suited men, came to his office at the Berkeley University asking him to go with them, because they would probably need his help after reading his last thesis about the human origins and lost civilizations, where he defended that the human race once possessed a super civilization that at some point was lost due to a unknown event, making us go back to the starting point. Well in his opinion, he never thought this could be taken seriously by anyone, since most of his colleagues and friends criticized him because they felt he was losing it. But he didn’t really cared, since now everything was starting to make a point, and that makes him going to the vault where he gazes to the mysterious artefact that the original team found eight years prior. Where they found some proves of some ancient ruins in the South Pole, a very dangerous statement, since if it’s found truth, it would shake all history books and rewrite all the knowledge we had about the human origins. The small stone brightens by the reflections of the artificial lights, eradiating a blue light that comes from the blue diamond on its centre. Previous studies about it, gave them a very serious results, since none of its materials were found on Earth. Taking a small step closer to the Plexiglas box, he approaches his right hand against the cold surface, mesmerized by the small object, with a small white dragon figure inside it. The stone itself was so perfectly made that one could make something like that, not if we follow our history records, since the carbon dating tests revealed it had more than sixty thousand years old; taken by curiosity, Lucas opens the box and holds the artefact in his hands, and while touching its smooth surface with his fingers he suddenly feels a small buzz coming from it, like it somehow gained a bit of life. “Impossible,” he thinks, and then one his team mates knocks him in the shoulder with a terrified face.

“What have you done?” asks Barry, a tall Afro-American man, in his thirties and one of the top chemistries of their country. “I came to warn you that we got some strange signals from the Zero-1 zone, and then I find out, that you compromised the Relic? Are you insane?!”

Lucas arms start shaking, as he’s incapable of giving a plausible answer, only looking right behind Barry, as Drew and Harold walk in the room, standing frozen as they see him with the object in his hands. “Are you insane dude?! Put it back on its cage! We still don’t know what it’s capable of!” right, he forgotten that The Relic always had a strange an electromagnetic aura around it, that somehow resulted in the death of most of the members of the first expedition, while they found it in a cave in the Zero-1 area, and that’s where its name came from, a mountainous zone in the south pole, where a carven with five pillars, each measuring five meters tall, and on the centre of it, they found The Relic. After that some strange events led to the death of four elements of the expedition, making it a doomed mission.

Still trembling, Lucas tries to put the object to it belonged, but he stops when something shakes him. “What was this?” he asks. Then comes another trembling, an aftershock of the first earthquake.

“I told you before!” says Barry. “We detected a vibration coming directly from the Zone, and we think these quakes have an involvement with that, and…” his words are cut of when he sees the stone pulsing in Lucas hands while emanating a blue light. “What the…?” He runs towards him and take the stone out of his hands. “What the hell is happening with this thing?” as he grabs it, the stone dies off like nothing happened.

Alarmed by what happened, they gather the whole team in the conference room where they try to debug the situation and make plans for a near time expedition to the epicentre of the earthquakes, making the room in chills, since no one liked going there, all except for Lucas, who in the two times he went there, he always felt that there was something more that they weren’t seeing, and something more, waiting for him. Something he couldn’t explain.

The Commander, a tall blond typical military man, informs them, they should be all prepared in four days, after the blizzard is of, and so they could journey there, after that everyone upraises demanding to know what was happening, but little or nothing came from Commander Tom Archer’s mouth, except what was strictly necessary, since not everyone needed to know all the details of their mission. And what its decided, is that from its eighteen crew, only eight would be part of the searching team, and the rest should stay in the base getting data, or if it was necessary to aid them I case of urgency.

Not every one of them was happy with the decisions, as most of them already started getting suspicions of the government’s agenda. Actually several of them, after the meeting was over, started a few discussions in the corridors or the common rooms, about the situation, and trying to figure out what was happening. Some of the even tried to get some information from Lucas, but he ignores them.

In the reality, since he was the youngest of them, they all tried to put him as an outsider since the beginning, from the lack of knowledge or consideration, they all considered him as the one who got lucky, because of his crazy ideas, taking into consideration that he was just eccentric.

Well, he really didn’t care for it; actually he thought it was funny that they think that way, so while he left them in their silly thesis, he walk to his room, closing himself inside. He looks around the dark and deranged room, with a small bed, a desk and a leather chair, one of the few personal things he was able to bring, and “Martha” his favourite plant, which he immediately pours some water, while talking to it.

Then he sits in his comfy chair, while holding a cup of hot black tea, that he brought with him after the meeting, and gazes the window, seeing the snow falling, and realizes that only a few centimetres separates them from death, and that, makes him, in a strange way, smile. And then he starts singing a lullaby, a song that was in his mind ever since he could remember, that somehow made him feel eerie. While he’s doing it, an image of the Relic comes to his mind, so strong that it almost makes him drop the cup of tea.

When he composes himself, he realizes something cold and smooth on the palm of his left hand and a chill comes down his spine, he opens it and the stone vibrates while emanating its blue light, then something stings the skin of the palm of his hand and a dark liquid invades his veins, spreading fast around his body.

He collapses…

It’s open… The gate it’s open… You’re welcome to our domains. A voice says, then the darkness surrounds him, and he immediately falls asleep, dropping the cup over the carpet floor. After that, only strange dreams comes to him, one of them, a ferocious white dragon with ice blue eyes staring at him, devouring him with a blue fire.


After the blizzard disappears, the searching team, divided in two groups of four, each one being transported by one Snowcat, the best way to travel in the cold wasted continent.

Traveling to the Zone takes around two hours, so the crew members try to minimize the time spent there by chatting about their lives, one of them an Irish descendant living in New Orleans, Duncan Gladsmonth, talks about his young wife and two kids, showing them photos and babbling about how cute they are. Having a family was never a future project in Lucas life, and it’s not that he was not interested about a stable life, getting a wife, have a house in the suburbs and so on. It’s that he was never fascinated about it. He always dreamed about doing things greater than live, so he spent his entire live in studying, drinking or getting into fruitless relationships, being the longest a eight month relationship with a stewardess called Jessica from New Mexico. After that he just lost interest in the human beings and started focusing more on his career, making him one of the best of his generation.

The vehicle stops abruptly as they arrived at their destination, and one by one all four of them leave it speechless to what they see in front of them. A four hundred diameter crater stands right in front of them, replacing the place where they used to know of the Zone.

“I think that the quakes this is.” says Paul a geologist, that immediately brings a machine to trace any kind of radiation. After a small analysis he immediately determines it’s safe for humans getting everyone a bit of peace of mind.

When everyone gathers around the crater, they start to get all the equipment’s from the Snowcats and bringing all of them together, while they plan what to do next, taking the leads from Commander Archer’s orders. About half an hour later all the equipment is gathered and everybody is preparing to mount the climbing gear, which is the only method to go down the crater.

Before all of the get down, its decided for the best, if the team is divided again, five to go, and three to stay if anything bad happened they could reach the radios and call for help, since the walkie-talkies has a very limited range of communication, especially if they had to go underground. The final team is composed by Archer, Paul Dealand, Gregory Hastings, Lucas Appleton and Barry Stevenson, and all five of them gather around the climbing gear and prepare to go down. “How do you feel about giving a small step to mankind?” asks Barry with a grin, showing of his perfectly white teeth contrasting with his dark skin tone. After being teased Lucas is a bit unable to reply at the same tone, only making a smile while moving to the edge.

All five of them get ready to go when the Commander shows them the sign to leave. “Remember!” he says. “When I say move, you move. When I say stand you stand! Don’t ever go against my orders if you wish to live! Now, go!” and all of them depart, climbing down a wall of thirty meters.

As they slide over the white walls, pain spreads around his body and then a small tremor makes them stop, worrying that it could be worse. But after a few minutes in silence, and a radio signal from the guys above, asking them if they were alright, they restart the journey for a few meters, and that’s when another earthquake strikes them making debris fall all around them. Trying to survive the violent tremors and the falling wreckage, each one of them makes the impossible to avoid being crushed. That’s when a bigger magnitude earthquake strikes again, making a whole section of the walls fall over, taking with it Paul and Gregory. In a few seconds, besides their scream and effort, the recognition team was reduced to three.

“Are you all right?” asks Tom to the remaining members.

“Paul and Greg…” say Barry still in shock. “Shit! They’re… they’re…”

“They’re fucking dead!” snaps Lucas while trying to stop him to cut his rope while he was trying to rescue the other two. “Get over it! ‘Cause if you don’t, you’ll die too!”

The other two look at him, even the Commander was shock from what was happening. “It’s like this fuckin’ cage is trying to stop us from getting anywhere…” Tom’s muttered while pushing his rope. “C’mon guys, if don’t hurry up, we’re finished too! Get your asses moving!”

The three of them make an effort to get to the ground as fast as they could, while the earth shacked violently, making the snow debris even bigger.

As they reach the ground, they only have a few minutes to detach themselves and get their backpacks with the necessary equipment, so they could continue their mission. And without even blinking they pass through what were supposed to be the remains of their two companion’s bodies, under a few rocks of ice. “And that may God take their souls…” pray Barry, while the other two only nod.

When surviving under the falling snow wreckage makes it almost impossible the three of them run through a small cavern they found in the other extremity of the crater, as it starts to collapse once they entered.


In the darkness all of them turn on their lanterns while they’re trying where they were. And as they keep touching the walls in a small analysis, they immediately understand that the cave turns into a tunnel, leading them to somewhere else.

Since it’s proved that radio communications is useless, and they’ve been walking for ages, all three decide to stop and think seriously what to do next.

“This is like a maze.” Barry says after trying to check the map. “We don’t have any information about these tunnels.”

“No wonder.” adds Tom. “This continent is still unknown to us, little or nothing was done around here. And besides with these international laws, we’ve unable to do more research here.”

 Lucas just nods. “And they thought I was the crazy one.” he then points at the walls. “See those? Had you noticed how those walls are perfectly smooth? And don’t dare lecture me that its nature work because we all know it’s impossible!” He then grabs the stone. “Didn’t I tell you...” They all freeze when they saw it. “How the hell, did you…?” starts Barry, but he’s interrupted by Lucas who continues his speech. “This thing has been acting like crazy for days, ever since the day of the first quakes, and sometimes it gets really warm.” he says prolonging the word really. “And for hours it has been glittering like it wants to show us something.”

They all stand in disbelief, but they’re immediately shut off and the stone start’s shinning and again start moving on itself, pointing forward. “See?” he says. “It’s like its alive!” he then starts moving forgetting the rest of them, who immediately follow him.

“Do you even know where we’re going?” asks Barry, but he doesn’t get an answer, only a cold look. Then he and Tom share a look, and Tom shows him the machine gun he has hidden under is massive jacket.

As the walk, the tunnels seems to go wider and wider, and some unknown writings appear in the walls. “Unbelievable.” says Lucas while pointing the flashlight to the ancient hieroglyphs. “It pre-dates the Egyptian, but somehow shares a bit of their writing and some of the South American symbols, and look at this?” he points at some figures pointing at the sky. “I remember this! Babylon…” he looks at the other two. “Do you know what this means? Whoever wrote this, they definitely were the fathers or even grandfathers to all ancient civilizations in our history, and some way, some beliefs…” he then points at some figures where men with wings surrounded by light, seemed to the striking down all men and women in the ground, burning entire cities and villages. And from what he sees, the people back then tried to fight back, but they lost, as the giants, the figures with wings, were stronger, and somehow used a secret weapon, that is portrait by a giant female form surrounded by twelve arms.

They suddenly hear a bang of something falling and they all look back, where they notice that Barry released his flashlight and was staring up at something in front of him. Surprised they all approach him. “Look…” he points up, and slowly they point the flashlights to the place he was pointing, and almost fell back, and a giant stone female face looks at them.

The giant face, buried in the walls, stands there, with some parts of its chin missing, but the perfect construction of it made it survive the following years, making it a perfectly conserved. Two green gems, in her eyes start shining as some light beams point immediately at the pendent in Lucas neck, and after a few moments they hear what its seems like an engine working. Then some strange light patterns shows all around the statue, followed by a small shake that disperses some dust over them, making them cough.

By one of the sides of the cave, a shaft opens, leaving around it thick clouds of dust, forcing them to cover their faces. Surprisingly, the pendant shines even strongly and points directly at the new entrance.

Without thinking, they follow Lucas who already goes into the door, following to a even narrow tunnel that immediately starts to go down followed by stone stairs. The flashlights they’re holding start blinking and they’re lights are terminated, all at the same time. “Strange… Something is trying to block our flashlights, it’s like they’re immediately cut of their power source.” Tom beats its device without some proper results, leaving them in pitch darkness.

Without knowing where they were going, they keep going down, while holding to the smooth walls. Then, suddenly something flashes, the pendant was shining once again in its blue light, but this time, four light beams were coming out of it, in four different ways all pointing to the ceiling. Like it was communicating with something, then something starts blinking and all over the walls the same light patterns that appeared in the statue, turn on. “This place runs on a power source…” says Barry still incredulous, passing his fingers into a strange blue gelatinous substance that somehow looked it was composed by microorganisms that produced the fluorescence, and all three of them follow lights right to the exit, which was blocked by a massive stone door.

Slowly, Lucas passes his fingers through the light patterns around the door, and they start changing colours, from blue to green, right through the middle circles that start moving when they change colours also, and the door opens.

They all prepare to leave, but they’re stopped by Tom who takes his machine gun of his coat. “Okay guys, we don’t know where we’re going. So no matter what, stay close to me, don’t move when I move and don’t go anywhere but beside me. Are we clear?”

“How come you managed to bring that with you?” asks Lucas.

Tom grins like showing him that he was an army man. Then he signs them with a hand movement and they all leave the tunnel.

When they finally exit the tunnel the surprise that awaits them is so immense that none of them is capable of speaking for some moments. All around them giant ruins from what appears to be a temple that runs from kilometres, inside a massive domed cave. They all look around from the smaller wrecked buildings, to the walls of the cave that seemed illuminated by those strange light patterns, right to the central colossal building, which they consider to be the centre of the citadel.

“Amazing…!” says Barry while looking around in circles. “By the look of its architecture I can see that whoever lived here was far more advanced than us in light years. I mean, look at those!” he points at some objects that look like machines all surrounded by the same gelatinous substance, but this time it had a violet tone. “What are those?” he slowly approaches the artefacts, and don’t notice that the substance all around it, starts moving when he makes some steps over it.

“And it’s just not that.” Says Lucas who tries to dry his face from the sweat and starts taking of his coat. “Look at the heat; we must be near at some thermal source, a volcano maybe.”

Ignoring the rest of the group, Barry continues to investigate the pile of wreckage, which to him looks like machines. “Amazing…” he keeps saying, as he touches a metal cylindrical surface. “Look at this! I think there was something like a fight. Have you noticed that…” he interrupted when something moves behind him, making him stumble over a pile of wreckage, making him for a few seconds unable to move; that small amount of time gives to whatever was raising behind him the necessary time to settle down and emerge itself for a couple of meters high.

Silently and without anyone notice it, the machine starts working, and its visors, on its head, scan the entire zone, catching up three life forms, and a known source of energy coming from one of them. As fast as its scans started, it halts in one of the life forms who are holding a lethal weapon.

Its mainframe rapidly deduces that they’re hostiles and it activates its defence weapons. When it starts moving, its motors make a small amount of sound, making its six legs to move forward. And when it makes its ultimate move, everybody stops to look at the insectoid robot. “Everybody run and hide!” the machine listens to the organism holding the weapon, and it instantly activates translator mode, which makes it possible to understand the basics of the language they’re using. The machine then connect itself to the network, accessing the Palace mainframe’s and then to the self-protection network, finding that 85% of it is unable to reach due to a completely lack of data that happened after the enemy’s invasion. After it runs a full system analysis it activates all the weapons that are still working. And in microseconds it starts shooting at its targets.

Commander Tom Archer only has a few seconds after he sees the robot moving and orders the other to run, and start shooting at the machine. He then reaches Barry to help him stand up and give him time to run away, while giving him a gun. Then he hides behind a stone column, when the machine stops to scan the environment once again, giving him time to make some tactical decisions. As he notices, the machine holds a hard shell even though it has been here for millennia, and after a deep breath he sprints toward the machine shooting hard at it. And when he gets where he wanted, which is under it, he takes out a hand grenade and takes out its fuse system and runs as fast as he can away from it, as the robot turns around and it’s repelled by the explosion under it.

A wall of smoke rises around it, making impossible to see. “Commander, are you alright?” asks Lucas that was hiding together with Barry under a couple of fallen columns.

“Yeah, I’m fine!” he answer, while trying to gather some breathe. “You too, should go the central temple and hide there, I’ll follow once I’ve finished with this guy!” he recharges his weapon. Yeah I don’t think a toy like that will fall with only a tiny explosion. His thoughts come true as a red beam emerges from the thick cloud, scanning the area once again.

The machine, after losing two of its six legs rises once again and this time deploying some its heavy armament, making waste some of the crumbled buildings.

Tom, after being hurt when some wreckage fall over one of his legs, decide it’s time to stop this and make a final plan. He silently walks himself at the top of a pile of stones and waits patiently until the robot passes through him, and then he jumps over it, very near to the place where it has its head, and then he releases the belt which holds all his hand grenades and removes the fuse from all of them, then putting the belt in a place it looks like the thing’s neck, then a even more powerful explosion takes place, tearing down the insectoid machine and the human with it.

While the other two run towards the central building, they hear the explosion and immediately turn back to see that it both took the machine and Tom with it. “Poor guy…” says Barry. “I hope God has mercy upon his soul.”

“Stop with this foolishness. God doesn’t exist.” Lucas holds him in his shoulders, facing them face to face. “And we’re alive, so let’s keep it, okay? We can’t die yet!”

Taking the gun from Barry’s hand he puts it in his trousers back pocket while they run toward the grand entrance. 

Once they’re in, they immediately turn on their flash lights, since the power source inside the building must be damaged, and slowly they search the whole area, only finding debris, making them think that there was some kind of a battle there. Then Barry stops when he points his flash light into a massive statue. “Look…” He says with his hands shaking. While the light focus points into higher part of the statue’s body, turning out to be a male angel statue. Lucas approaches from behind, also speechless from what they found. “Unbelievable…” He adds.

When both of them start to approach the statue, a strong trembling makes it crack open and the two folded wings fall over the floor breaking into thousands of stone shards. Then, small noises of stones falling are heard from everywhere around them, here and there everything starts falling apart. But another noise makes them freeze, a low bzz that they were already familiar. And when they turn around, they see dozens of green spots of light looking at them; shaking, they only are able to be back to back to each other and avoid pointing the flash lights to the sources of the green spots. “What are we going to do man?” Barry starts shaking and then takes the gun from Lucas trousers and start shooting at the machines.

After taking some minor damages, the machines turn to battle mode and attack the two trespassers, killing the one who was shooting in a matter of seconds with their metal spikes. But when they try to terminate the second one, they find out they’re unable to, as the subject holds the key.

The fifteen sentinels gravitate around Lucas, like they were studying him, making him feel like he was smaller than he is. “What do you want? Why don’t you kill me?!” he demands shooting at them.

The machines stop, and then, there is a small noise, and as if they’re communicating through speakers they talk to him in a automated voice.

Subject analysed threat unknown. Status: key to the sanctuary found with the subject. Analysing DNA; subject: Human.

Status report: bring the subject to the sanctuary.

As if they were communicating to each other, all of them turn away from him, and the green lights from their eyes turn to blue, then some intense flash light turn on over their backs, and they all make a line around Lucas, when one of them guides him to the subterranean of the temple.

They walk down through large corridors that allow the machines to circulate freely for about half an hour, until they stop in front of a wall, engraved by the same scriptures he found when they arrived there. One of the machine arms touch one of the panels illuminating it, then two doors slide open showing him a very small room also illuminated by the same light symbols, he takes a step in, and the doors close, leaving the machine behind. Trembling he turns off his flash light since it was no longer useful and takes a deep breath. “What the fuck am I doing here…?” He laughs to himself, the room then starts moving down, making him believe that it was an elevator then, making a soft stop after a couple of minutes. Then the doors slide open again showing him a dark room on the other side. He takes a deep breath, and then takes another step outside. A chill goes through his spine as the room looks like it’s completely empty, but the sense that we wasn’t alone doesn’t leave him.

Taking the flash light from his belt, he tries to connect it, but it proves to be a failure, even after checking the batteries and hitting it. But the damn thing wasn’t working at all. He tries to look around searching for a light source, but he doesn’t find one. Then he takes the stone and lift it until it’s at the same level as his eyes, he gazes it, and then the stone shines up with a strong flash that instantly illuminates the whole room, activating all the machinery and light patterns, showing him that he’s in a very large circular domed cave. At its centre he finds a platform, which he approaches. There he finds at one of its extremities a control panel engraved in the floor with a human sized chair where he sits.

Amazed by its technology, he touches one of the light panels and a monitor shows in front of him, showing whole different symbols that he doesn’t recognize, he goes through them all with his fingers, until he finds one that he was familiar with, the same he found in the scriptures of the pendant. He then touches it, and the room starts shaking when the machinery brings from the floor a massive monolith. He turns back to face it, only to notice that it wasn’t made of rock, metal or anything like that. The whole surface shines like it’s made of a substance that looks like glass, and inside it stands something that makes him tremble from head to toes. A man stands there sleeping, the most beautiful man he ever saw, with shining luxurious black hair falling like waves over his shoulders, and his rich soft white skin that emanates a warm soft light from the glass substance hypnotizing him, making approach him more and more… And when he’s only a few centimetres away from the monolith he notices that the size difference between him and the man sleeping is astonishing, making him feel like a midget compared to a giant. By his quick measurement he calculates that the man must have at least three meters high and as he gazes more at him his knees start trembling as he then notices the twelve shining wings at the man’s back covering the rest of his body.

“So you came…” a deep grave voice reverberates through the room, forcing him to cover his ears. “After so long the seals must have weakened, and the time has come again.”

Lucas turns around, trying to notice where the voice was coming, but due to the room’s form it was impossible know. “Who are you?”

“Who am I? Well, I summoned you here. Did you think finding the krean stone was only an accident? Foolish human… It was destiny. And now I must leave here, since the time of reborn is approaching. For that I need you, because I can’t leave here with this form…”

Pain spreads around his body, making Lucas fall down on his knees, trembling he takes out his gloves and even his jacket, as he notices the black substance moving through every single vein in his body, then stops, and in a matter of seconds it spreads from his mouth, eyes and ears like a fountain of black water and rapidly it forms a figure standing just in front of Lucas, staring at him.

He tries to scream, but no sounds would come from his mouth. Actually he couldn’t do anything, since only void surrounded him by now.

“The Cycle is almost complete, almost a few more years and he’ll back to this world.” The creature stares once again to Lucas. “And all I need is a proper vessel. Forgive me…” The creature says, then the stone in Lucas hand gets darker and darker, with the white dragon inside of it shining and moving both his tails and wings, the creature knowing that his host already didn’t offer any kind of struggle opens its dark wings and instantly invades Lucas body though all his orifices, rapidly taking all over it. Making the man Lucas was diminishing, until it’s almost gone.

Then he opens his eyes and after noticing that he already taken his body starts analysing inch by inch every single portion of his new body making him smile once he finishes. “This was all for my master…”

He gazes at the man sleeping in the chamber; the smile on his face disappear and then leaves the room after picking all the items that Lucas left in the floor.

The Blood Cross - Prologue

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, come and see.
And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

(From the Book of Revelations)

This is were the story kicks out.

The story runs around Evan a troubled boy from a middle class family who resided in London. Ever since the beginning of his journey, he have been an outcast, different from everyone else due to either his looks or sexual orientation. He's later confronted by a mysterious man who tries to save him from deadly angels. It seems Evan's story isn't like most of us mortals...

Lemme me know your feedback
Je veux mon cigarette by CursedOnez
Je veux mon cigarette
Monsieur Le Cursed présente:

Je veux mon cigarette"

Coming from a non-smoker this is a funny title

Hope you enjoy this. 

Inspired by the 60's French movie posters.

Prints available:…;Undertale Sans Brows Emoji Heart1 

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Hi there, just a quick update to tell you i'm here, alive and life is good!

Also, have a new website where i'm selling my prints, so if you've money, like my art and.... wanna spend your pennies, have a look :3

Cheers and i'm flying out

PS: my bf and i, we're planning a trip to Chicago on july! So excited!! Going to be the first time in the States (and also going to meet my in laws.... nervous....) XD


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Nelson Rodrigues
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United Kingdom
Hi there mates! I'm Nelson, freakin nice to meet you, and as you can see from my id, i'm a lazy ass! King of procrastinating :rofl:, that from time to time likes to do art!

Well i'm a graphic designer, but my real passion as and forever will be drawing (still have the goal of becoming a professional artist, someday in the next 300 years :giggle: ).

Damn, with all this crap, just wanted to welcome you to my page, hope you have fun here, and my art doesn't dissapoint you at all.

BTW i live in Lisbon, if someday you come to come across around here, don't forget to say hi and bring some pack of beers! :rofl:

and oh, if you have Facebook, add me there :heart:…


Radiohead by BloodyZone

Okay, first of all, i think this is the first time i give a perfect score to anyone. This mate over here, just gave us some magic, and ...

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As a Meerin watcher, i've seen her work for quite a long time, and i must say, that the differences and evolution from the very first w...

Elf Commission 4 Cursedonez by innerpeace1979

Well since this is my first critique. And this is very special for me, i must say that you improved a lot. In everything. The technique...

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